5 Ways To Maximize Your Returns When Selling Your House In Oklahoma City

5 Ways To Maximize Your Returns When Selling Your House In Oklahoma City

Any real estate agent will tell you that if you’re selling a house, you’ll have to make some repairs and renovations before listing it. Some of the more basic of these repairs/renovations may not do much for increasing the sale price, but are, nevertheless, necessary for getting any kind of sale at all. Others may be entirely optional or may yield little return on the investment (or even cost you money) at closing. And still, others can bring a handsome return. So let’s look at 5 ways to maximize your returns when selling your house in Oklahoma City.

1. Clean Up Outside and Work on Curb Appeal

The importance of first impressions simply can’t be overstated. And the exterior of your house – the curb appeal – is what creates that critical first impression when buyers first pull up. And this means that one of the best ways to maximize your returns when selling your house in Oklahoma City is to improve curb appeal – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be big expensive things like a full-blown professional landscaping job. Begin with the small, noticeable things first.

Heres what the pros advise: “The little things you do to make the home look nicer at first glance are inexpensive for the most part and can be great for helping your home stand out. Some of the exterior repairs that you can address may include patching cracks in the sidewalk and driveway, replacing the caulk around your windows, adding new fixtures like doorknobs, painting the front door, fixing broken fences and painting them, planting flowers, adding mulch to flower beds, etc.”

2. Paint the Interior

Another fairly easy and not-very-expensive way to maximize your returns when selling your house in Oklahoma City is to paint the interior ceilings and walls that need it. In fact, industry experts claim that there “is nothing more cost-effective in home sales than painting. A new coat of paint is one of the cheapest improvements you can make to your home that will make it more appealing to buyers.”

Remember that when potential buyers tour your home, they will be looking for flaws and things to complain about, basically nit-picking. And since ceilings and walls are such large areas and so visible, it pays to make them complaint proof.

3. Showcase Hardwood Floors

Buyers today love hardwood flooring. And many older houses have those desired hardwood floors – it’s just that they’re often covered over by carpet.

“There is no denying the appeal of hardwood flooring in today’s market. You will get the highest return on investment from painting, but buyers “appreciate the look and the convenience of hardwood flooring and are willing to pay for it. The most cost-effective option for you as the seller is to pull up carpeting from existing hardwood flooring.”

You may not even have to refinish the hardwood floors after exposing them (which is actually a small expense compared to the return it can yield). Just letting buyers know that there are in fact hardwood floors may be sufficient to get you a better sale price. Maximize returns by showing them that they are getting what they want.

4. Remodel the Kitchen Judiciously

Kitchens are extremely important to buyers, so most of the time when selling your house in Oklahoma City, you’ll need to make some kitchen renovations. But you do have to be careful because it’s also easy to lose money with kitchen renovations.

Judicious and strategic renovations are key here. “Consider,” for example, “refinishing the cabinets if you can get away with it because replacing them will be expensive. It is challenging to get a return on investment by completely remodeling a kitchen.  . . . You can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars even on a moderate size kitchen.” Even something as simple and inexpensive as installing new cabinet hardware can make a big difference in the appearance of your kitchen.

5. Consult Your Agent for Best Results

Because so many of the preparations and renovations for selling your house in Oklahoma City

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That’s why it’s so important for most people to consult their experienced local real estate agent before making any repairs/renovations. Otherwise, they could end up losing a ton of money at sale time. This is an area where your local agent can be an immense help with maximizing returns. Find out how our agents can help you determine the best ways to maximize your returns when selling your house in Oklahoma City Contact us today! (405) 521-1817

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