The Latest Tech Buyers and Sellers Should Know About in Oklahoma City

Technology is advancing at an exponentially growing rate in most areas and industries. Until recently, though, that hasn’t been the case in the real estate arena. The adoption of the latest technologies in real estate has lagged behind that in other business sectors. But that’s changing now, with a huge increase in real estate tech … Continued

3 Things to Look for When Buying Land in Oklahoma City

So you want to buy some land? For many people, it’s a great option – whether for a place to build a brand-new custom home or for a vacation get-away place or just to have your own place to play outdoors. Buying land is much different from buying a home, and that’s why so many … Continued

How to Buy Land in Oklahoma City for Your New Home

For many people, buying an existing home just won’t work. Maybe they don’t want to deal with a competitive seller’s market, or they just want a brand-new custom home. Whatever the reason, many people would rather buy land and build on it. What they often aren’t prepared for are the special challenges that come with … Continued

5 Questions You Need to Ask When Buying a House in Oklahoma City

Any large purchase typically requires a lot of research, especially if you’re not an experienced buyer. And this probably applies more to buying a house, the largest financial transaction of your life, than anything else. And that necessary research involves (or should anyway) asking a multitude of questions. But you need to know the right … Continued